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Earth Defense Coalition: Our History, Our Goals

Earth Defense Coalition was born from the struggle for clean water in an increasingly polluted world. Everything we do is to serve the end of saving Earth not simply for its people but also the preservation of its natural ecological state and millions of species.


Respect for a diversity of tactics

First, we recognize that history proves a diversity of tactics a necessity to tearing down the machine. For instance, while we may not execute property destruction we understand that property destruction that does not harm human life is Nonviolent Direct Action. We stand firm in creating an environment that does not publicly shame comrades that are on our side fighting for the same goal, but may use different tactics.

Reclaiming the globe

We understand the intersectionality of struggle within imperiled groups whose way of life has been drastically harmed by the confluence of colonial, imperialist violence and ecological destruction. The ongoing colonization and brutality inflicted on POC and indigenous populations worldwide is directly at the crosshairs of the Earth’s survival. We stand with our sisters and brothers to reclaim the sanctity of the planet and its trillions of hominid and non-hominid inhabitants.

How we work

We act in direct defiance of the patriarchal model of hierarchy by holding the importance of autonomous action within the whole. We recognize that not one of us is a leader but that we are all leaders fighting the same cause.